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Medical writer, Copywriter medico-scientifico

Clelia Palanza

Medical-scientific copywriter and Medical Writer

Scientific Content Specialist

Editing and Editing of Scientific Texts

My name is Clelia Palanza, I am a  Medical Writer.


My service of  Scientific medical copywriter  offers text writing with an adequate understanding of medical-scientific and health terms and the ability to translate information into a wide variety of formats, including SEO Oriented.


But what is meant by Medical Scientific Copywriter or Medical Writer?
My task is to draft medical-scientific texts of different types and for various sectors, such as articles for scientific journals, magazines, school books, promotional or marketing material, website content, clinical study reports and much more. .


In recent years, the creation of SEO-optimized content for the web that is able to disseminate specialist topics to a varied audience. A rapidly growing sector which I often deal with is the veterinary sector and veterinary clinics, where scientific dissemination is growing and is of great interest to the owners' public.


In any case, the function of medical-scientific copywriting does not stop at this, but above all it uses writing to lead people to act and interact with the concept that you want to communicate.


I also take care of revising texts and taking care of their drafting, of bibliographic searches by optimizing the contents.


Thanks to my experience in the medical sector, I am able to support you in the construction of medical-scientific texts of considerable impact on the reader and, at the same time, capable of giving the right exaltation to your services and products.


If you have not yet evaluated the possibility of entrusting your communication to a medical-scientific information professional, contact Clelia Palanza Medical Writer for a free trial or consultation.


Write to me  to share your project or to make an appointment.

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